Which Came First?

As some of you know I have been attracted to eroded surfaces for many years, and within the last year, I have focused my energy on using erosion as an inspiration for my work. In going through some photographs from a recent trip, I realized I had taken a photo (see image on the left) which has a striking resemblance to the painting that will be exhibited at the Sullivan Goss 100 Grand Show this month. At the time I took the photograph, the painting on the right, ‘Ashes and Dust’, had already been selected to be exhibited at the show.  Erosion photographs.

100 Grand
at Sullivan Goss Gallery
108 works of art
at $1000 or less

I am so proud to be included in this yearly show. The opening night is Thursday, December 7th from 5 – 8 p.m., and the show itself runs until January 28, 2018. To preview, watch this video, and see the website.

Warm wishes for a happy holiday season.