Karen Lehrer Santa Barbara Artitst

Photo Credit: Paula Poortinga

Karen Lehrer
Artist’s Statement

My early career as a textile designer, informed my curiosity and attraction to repeating patterns and shapes I notice all around me – in design, architecture, and nature.

I work in a succession of different series of work. This process evolves from experimentation and investigation with an idea, thought, or concept, or with using new materials or media. Once I’ve come to completion with a particular concept, inspiration, or material, I usually take a break and the next series seems to bubble up.

The layering I can achieve working with paint, collage, and mixed media is how I incorporate depth, dimension, and mystery to my artwork. For the past year or so, I decide to investigate collage as a substrate for my interest in working with mark making using a variety of inks. I have been on a curious and creative process of experimentation, as I continue with this journey.

I’ve come to realize I seem to change my work just about every year in the winter, which is my favorite season. I get energized with the approaching cooler weather and with this comes new inspiration whether with subject matter or materials. This is how the next series evolves.