It has been one year since I began a painting mentorship with Bay area artist; Nicholas Wilton The mentorship in painting ended in December of 2013.  I’ve been painting on my own these past few months without Nick’s guidance. Despite the fact that I’ve been painting nearly all my life, the mentorship has challenged me to paint in an entirely different way.

It has been quite a journey; painting has been one of the most challenging endeavors I have chosen.  Other big challenges included research for my masters thesis involving an obscure area of study in the fields of quantum physics and consciousness. Passing the state boards in Marriage and Family Therapy which I received in 1999– another personal challenge.  Thankfully I passed that one on the first attempt.

Painting, has been has been a different kind of challenge, and as difficult as these other endeavors—only more difficult in an entirely different kind of way. The analytical process with painting, which is entirely visual, based on design and value principles is so open ended and subjective.  It is not based on empirical evidence.   Nevertheless, I am enjoying the challenge, and am finding process stimulating in a different part of my brain, than academics ever were.  Not good or bad, just different.

Take a look at one of my new paintings above:

All my best for this Spring season of renewal and growth, and hopefully some kind of personal challenge which will bring you a feeling of joy and gratification.

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