This past year has certainly had it’s challenges on both global and personal levels for so many of us.  We may feel helpless to so much going on around us, and in truth we are!

What we can control, or have agency over, in our own lives is our inner/creative life.

A suggestion for the beginning of the new year is to challenge yourself to do something creative.  It doesn’t need to be on a grand scale.  Is there something tickling you in the back of your mind?  Get going and do it!  Perhaps there a new recipe you would like to try, or a dish you enjoy–make it!  If you are into music, art, or writing, or if you aren’t but would like to give it a try–do it!  You don’t have to tell anyone what you are attempting to do, but I know you will enjoy the process, and the time given to a creative endeavor will be a worthwhile way to begin the new year.

I will be sharing some very exciting news with you soon, so stay tuned.

All my best for a rewarding and creative 2018!

~Karen & Stan (the studio pup)