Artist’s Statement 2017-06-19T20:19:12-07:00

Karen Lehrer

Artist’s Statement

My early career as a textile designer, informed my curiosity and attraction to repeating patterns and shapes I notice all around me – in design, architecture, and nature. I’ve painted with this inspiration for several years, but lately I decided to switch gears. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to let me love of erosion take me in a different direction.

For many years I’ve photographed eroded surfaces. I’m very attracted to the seemingly random way in which time and weather affect surfaces both man made and natural. As an example I find some of the most beautiful surfaces etched with rich colors of rusts, ivory, and an array of greys on a palm frond I found while walking my dog. I’ve also been stunned by the beauty of weathered paint on layers of chipping plaster walking down a cobblestone street in a Portuguese fishing town.

Textures, which result from erosion on man made and natural surfaces such as rust, wood, weathered stones, and moss or algae patterns which only nature can create, have been percolating in my inner inspiration board.

Currently, I’ve put aside my usual way of painting with a brush, using new materials and tools to explore painting, with my attraction to erosion as an influence and inspiration for my work.

In my experimentation with different techniques and tools, I’m enjoying this more direct approach to painting at this time.