Sending you good wishes and warmth at this week of the shortest days of the year.  This is the week I like to light a fire, and consider my intentions for the year ahead.   Winter is my very favorite season of the year.  I love the stillness, the chilly days and cooler nights.  I love bundling up in more layers of clothing.  Winter is the season I generally feel more creative, and more in the mood to paint. I was very fortunate recently, to have traveled to The Himalayas.  My husband, Steve and I visited Beijing, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Seeing these countries, though rich in beauty and culture, made me feel so incredibly fortunate to live where we do, despite our current political situation.  We are not living in an oppressive state in which we are restricted in every possible way, as the people of Tibet are. We visited spectacular ancient Buddhist temples in all the countries we visited.

We were most impressed by the Kingdom of Bhutan – a tiny sliver of a Kingdom with less than 750,000 population, wedged between China and India.  I found it to be a very conscious country in which Gross National Happiness is what is most important.  They have a zero-carbon footprint, are very much into recycling and protecting their land, which is primarily forested. The image pictured here was taken at the Samya Monastery in Tibet. I’m hoping this season brings more inspiration, reflection and connection to yourself and others. All my best for a wonderful holiday season. Karen