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Updates and Erosion

Updates and Erosion At the beginning of 2017 I began a new body of work, which is inspired by my attraction and fascination with the random natural beauty of eroded surfaces.  The Japanese have a term for this, Wabi Sabi.  I have been photographing textures and erosion for many years, and have a library of [...]

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Reflecting Into the New Year

Reflecting Into the New Year As I begin this new year, I am taking a moment to reflect on the wonderful and challenging aspects of the year behind me. For this new year, I have decided to work on being less reactive and triggered by events that are beyond my control. This is the time [...]

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Color Inspiration…

Take a look at these two photos, what do they have in common?  I am often asked what inspires my artwork? I am always inspired by the natural world when it comes to color. On the left is a harvest from a morning jaunt in my vegetable garden - note the colors.  The recent painting on [...]

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Art Talk

Recently I opened my studio for the first time, to participate in a local studio tour. To my surprise, I was asked the same question repeatedly regarding my painting process. I came up with an answer-- which I could repeat, without having to get into the very personal process of explaining my work with a [...]

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Getting Started…

When I begin a painting, I have no idea how it will turn out.  I just begin by covering the white background with blobs or brush strokes of paint with no particular thought -- just to cover the white background.  Then I paint on top of the first layer, leaving remainders of the original paint [...]

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Your Unique Creativity

Creativity is that illusive quality we all possess because we are human. Yes all of us! You might say, “I’m not creative.” I don’t believe it, not for a minute. Creativity does not mean you have to actively paint, draw, compose or play music, or write. Yes of course-- those are all creative endeavors, and [...]

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California Homes Magazine Artist Profile

I am so honored and appreciative to be featured in the Winter 2015 issue of California Homes Magazine. You can view the entire profile by clicking HERE. Thank you for taking a look at the article. It's exciting to be sharing my work at a broader level. All my best for a very healthy and [...]

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Exploring Symbolic Drawing

Art from Scrap here in Santa Barbara, CA, asked me to teach a class for their new series of Adult Art Workshops. Join me next Thursday, October 16th, from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm for my class titled: Exploring Symbolic Drawing. Discover how to draw in an abstract and non-representational manner, tapping into inner symbols [...]

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